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New ERP system? When is the time to change?

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After some years with the same ERP system, you probably will have both upgraded and perhaps also the re-implemented your ERP solution.

You will often be in a situation where the ERP solution no longer supports the business needs of your business and there are too many "knockouts".

It may also be that it is simply more economical to invest in something new rather than trying to patch on what you bought many years ago.


"I've always done it this way because the solution has forced me to"

If this is what you normally express, it might be about time to see if your ERP system supports your business processes. A modern and technically up-to-date ERP system will help create measurable value for the company by being flexible and tailored to the user's work tasks.

Technological development

"I cannot access the system when I'm on the move or out of the house"

Technological development takes place at the speed of lightning. Using Smartphones and Tablets has accelerated in recent years and being able to access data while on the move has become a necessity for carrying out a job. XML technology is also something that makes a difference in daily work. This technology makes it easier to exchange data to other systems such as webshops, sales portals, suppliers, etc.

Reporting to management

"I cannot even print the reports that the management needs"

ERP solutions contain an incredible amount of important information that may strengthen management in their daily decisions. Should you have developed a special report for important decisions, many of the older ERP systems need assistance from an external consultant. It is both expensive and cumbersome. Reporting is therefore a frequent reason why a company chooses to change ERP solution.

Time and productivity

"It takes a lot of extra time to use the system. In a new ERP system, we can increase productivity significantly "

It is difficult to calculate on costs for lost productivity and time. Taking both the hard (licenses, updates and maintenance) and the soft costs (time and productivity) into account it may prove that a new ERP system is necessary because the economic and human benefits in terms of increased productivity, time saving and larger revenue is so big that it will be sensible to change.

Which system should you choose?

There are many systems to choose from. And it's hard to know in advance how an ERP system will work. We recommend that you choose an ERP system from a supplier who knows the industry you are working in and who understands the challenges you are working on in your daily life.

It would also be an advantage to choose a supplier that ensures that your solution is updated automatically in line with technological developments. A supplier who can deliver a system on a modern platform that makes it easier for you to recruit new employees.

JMA's DSM solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, which is automatically updated and is in the forefront of technological development.

The DSM system is being developed in close cooperation with all our customers. In practice, when creating good ideas for the system and new functionalities for a new specific customer, we will make these features available to all other customers. Thus, the ERP solution is always up-to-date in the industry and development costs are shared between all our customers.

How do I get started?

It is important that the process of selecting and implementing a new ERP system is based on a business case where the company's goals and changes have been formulated. How does the company's vision, goals and strategy look? Where is the company heading for and where are we in 5 years? What do the Board expect? Read more about how to manage investment in a new ERP system.


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