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Business Analysis

Our task is to understand and meet your challenges so that we can offer you the best solution. At the same time, it is necessary that we give you the right advice and sparring, so that you can feel safe. Before we start a new project, we would like to give you an overview of your processes and workflows. And this is precisely the task of the business analysis.

The sales consultant is your sparring partner

We often start a process with demanding issues, where we challenge your business operations in relation to the company's strategy.

We then help to adapt the activities to match the strategy laid out.


There may be areas where we believe your company can reduce its costs or optimize results. Or we know of processes that can help optimize your business processes.

Which processes in your company can we optimize

In this part of the project, we visit your company to find the right solution in cooperation with you.

We look at what functions the company must have? What features can DSM support? What requirements and prerequisites do you have for the finished product? What are the success criteria for the project? What is the budget? What risks do we have to deal with?

Based on these parameters, we can prepare an estimate and with the business analysis you will get a qualified estimate on the project.

After review, you can choose to approve the project based on these estimates.

Do you want us to contact you about a free preliminary analysis?

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