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Create overview and be in control

In the financial section of DSM, you can get an overview of your business and machine economy, where you can measure key figures, budgets, overprice adjustments, preparation costs and much more.

The DSM system automatically provides warnings regarding the minimum coverage ratio and when a credit limit is exceeded.

You have the option of printing reports which make visible invoicing levels at the workshop, spare parts and service.

The reports are defined either as standard in the module, via Power BI or via an add-on module JetReports, where you can define exactly what you want an overview of.

Overview of your finances

As standard functionality in Business Central, you get a wide range of new tools that make it easier to get a full overview of your company's financial situation. It takes place with intelligent rules and reminders, where Business Central automates a number of administrative processes. Therefore, you avoid heavy and time-consuming administrative entries and have a better working day.

You can set up reminders for when your vendor invoices are due to receive discounts.

Business Central also supports the processes for payroll, time recording, liquidity management and much more in finance.

Earnings summary in DSM

The income overview gives salespeople and management a clear overview of sales statistics. It helps to provide a quick snapshot of how sales have been for the week/month/quarter/year.

Sales orders can be sorted into Released, Awaiting Prepayment, Awaiting Approval and Open. In addition, you can also sort by which time period you want to see sales orders in. You can choose to see how many orders are valid or the value of all orders. You also have the option to choose which chart format you want to display the overview in.

power bi

Power BI

Power BI is a business intelligence solution built into Business Central. Power BI can help you make complex and unstructured data understandable and add value.

Power BI gives you an overview of your company as well as the opportunity to dive into very specific areas of the business.

Standard analysis areas have been created in the solution, which cover the normal needs of the entire company, and therefore it is quick to get started with Power BI.


jet reports logo


With the reporting tool JetReports, you can quickly and easily create reports in Excel. JetReports integrates Excel with DSM Business Central and uses data from it as a basis for graphs or pivot tables.

JetReports is easy to use and the result is precise and clear reports in a professional design, which can be set up in the format you want. You thus get an overview of your data as quickly as possible.


Continia PNG logo

Continia Document Capture

With Document Capture you can automate the handling of documents - from receipt and registration of a document to approval, posting and finally searching of documents from the digital archive.

Continia Payment Management

You can send payments directly from Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to your bank's online system via Continia Payment Management. The payments are approved and sent to the bank at once, and you receive a receipt for the payment immediately.

Continia Expense Management

Expense Management provides a clear overview and easy management of all types of travel expenses in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Continia Document Output

Save time and avoid errors with Continia's Document Output, which is a time-saving solution for users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It shortens your complicated manual processes and helps you create and manage all your outgoing documents. At the same time, you get an overview of all sent and started documents.

Continia Collection Management

Help your customers pay invoices on time with Collection Management from Continia. This way you can be sure of receiving your money on time. Collection Management ensures quick and easy collection, while at the same time you can keep track of all the collection agreements. Each customer's preferred collection method is recorded and added automatically every time an order, invoice or credit memo is created within Business Central.

Continia OPplus 

Processing incoming payments and proposals manually is time-consuming and hard work. Typing out your bank statements and payment advice is also challenging.

With  OPplus, you save time, avoid manual work and increase productivity in your company by processing your incoming and outgoing bank payments efficiently. You can easily keep track of your liquidity with an overview of all your open and closed entries in each general ledger, customer, or vendor account.

Do well in your job

Reporting and Analysis

Business Central provides access to one of the best data and reporting tools on the market.

With the help of Business Intelligence and Microsoft Power BI, data in your company can be converted into valuable knowledge and you can organize your data in such a way that you can make the right decisions regarding your business strategy.

Make the right decisions with robust reporting, ad hoc analysis of all data using analysis mode, and connections to Excel and Microsoft Power BI.

Cash flow forecast

Create accurate cash flow forecasts using artificial intelligence to analyze your company's financial position.

Check financial data

Manage your finances from start to finish – monitor your budget, speed up month-end and year-end closing, automate bank reconciliation, use unlimited dimensions, track fixed assets and more.

Expand the global market

Support multiple currencies, languages, exchange rates, consolidations, internal transactions and tax rules

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