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Implementation and Training

Running a business optimally requires a constant focus on development and optimization of resources.

It can be difficult to keep focus on it in an everyday life, where the working days go by quickly and where other tasks take up a lot of space.

That's why JMA's business consultants can help you along the way and give you tools that make it easier.

Experienced consultants

Our consultants have a basic knowledge of the industry and are therefore very good at advising and teaching the use of our software for the benefit of the customers' business processes. At JMA, we believe that a thorough knowledge of the industry is the key to being able to best advise our customers.

consultant dialog

That's how we do it

Before starting a new project, we would like to get an overview of your processes and workflows. We therefore always start a course with a preliminary analysis to identify needs of issues, where we challenge your business activities in relation to the company's strategy.

We then help to adapt the activities to match the strategy laid out. There may be areas where we believe your business can reduce its costs or optimize its earnings. Or we have knowledge of processes that can help to optimize your business processes.

The consultant's task is to understand and meet your need so we can offer you the best solution. At the same time, it is necessary that we offer you the right amount of advice and sparring so that you can feel in safe hands.

Dialogue dialogue dialogue

The consultants spend much of their time in dialogue with you and meeting the challenges that arise. There is always room for our plans to be changed should urgent problems arise with a customer.

It gives the consultant great satisfaction to be able to make the customer's working day easier and more efficient. We know how demanding some solutions can be, and therefore it is good to know that with our solutions we can solve some of the irritations and challenges customers face.

The consultants like to start new big projects. Being part of the process from start to finish gives them a good insight into the company's processes, which helps to strengthen the consultant's own development, while at the same time getting the customer safely to the finish line.


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