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Reference: Create an overview and structure for better work processes

With their finger on the pulse of the contractor industry, Conmas had to admit that they lacked a solution that could structure the company in order to continue to maintain the vibrant position they have in the industry. This also made the transition to DSM an easy and uncomplicated start to new work processes and more structure in everyday life. 

Holistic overview in everyday life

Conmas, with its current 11-12 employees, implemented DSM in November 2023. Since then, their journey in a new ERP system has been a great joy for most - because with a new system also comes a holistic overview and efficient management from stock to sales, customer service and spare parts. An overview and a structure that was previously missing in everyday life in line with the expansion and more employees. The transition from just one salesperson and one service fitter to a larger organization required a better system.

"The fact that we can look up the system, which equipment the machines have, etc., is going to be a huge value on a daily basis. It saves us both time and effort - to put it bluntly", says Camilla in continuation of this.

Startup and ease of use

Although the encounter with a new system can be associated with many frustrations, the process has turned out to be much more positive at Conmas: "When you are presented with this new system, and sit and think, stop, it clicks and around the map, you have to remember, no matter how unmanageable it may look when the screen opens, that it really is simple once you get the hang of it yourself."

Especially the combination with real-time teaching and lots of support from the consultants in JMA has made the employees feel well equipped relatively quickly: "It has been a lot of learning by doing, but with them on the sidelines, which has worked super well." And precisely the support from their new business partner has helped with the transition to the new work procedures internally: "It's not so much in relation to you, but more the internal process that we even now have to remember to enter the system and look and do . This, too, when you've been used to one way of working, and then have to change them. But as I said, it's something that has worked super well," Camilla follows up.

The future with DSM

For the future, Conmas sees the DSM solution as a long-term investment and plans to develop and adapt additional functions: "It is clear, if we follow the development, then it is also natural that we jump on board with some of the new things that are continuously developed in and for the system." Camilla recognizes that changes in work processes can be challenging, but the employees have shown a great willingness to adapt. "I definitely have the impression that people have their hat on. They are quite willing to change."

This willingness to change, combined with the desire to facilitate more workflows in the future, also makes it easier to look into integrations such as WEBMACHINES and similar dealer portals.

A reliable business partner

Important factors in the cooperation with JMA are reliability and fulfillment of promises. "The most important thing in the collaboration has been this with the reliability of the system. What has been promised has been kept in relation to what the system could actually do. One thing is from a start-up, where you sit and talk about it, and then to what is actually a reality when it is implemented. Typically, you can do everything according to the seller, but in this case the system is not oversold," says Camilla about the collaboration.

Learning from the startup

If Camilla is to put into words some learnings that are important for new customers who need to get started with the DSM solution, then it is clearly the need for preparation and clear guidelines to facilitate the implementation of DSM. A clear communication between Conmas and JMA to be able to exchange the necessary information for the developers. "This thing about paying attention to all the information that needs to be used. It is clear that the developers of the system cannot know that." 

Facts about Conmas

Conmas is a supplier of forklifts, lifts, pallet lifters, pallet stackers and glass lifters, and specialists in customized solutions within the contractor and construction industry.

On a daily basis, they count approx. 12 employees with a majority of employees under the age of 40.

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