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Service Management

The service module in DSM creates a strong foundation for the service department, especially in relation to the management of service tasks and for technicians in their daily work of creating and completing time and material records.

Service tasks, agreements and the daily work in the service department are made easier and can be managed centrally from one system.

The functionality in the service module gives the service department better insight into the tasks and agreements that are part of daily life and creates an overview of the service department.

Service Optimization

Overview of tasks, time and material consumption

Get an overview of service tasks, which can be displayed in the system specifically in relation to status, type and machines.

If you have a service department that lacks an overview, the service module manages the daily work, from task creation to registration of hours and ultimately to invoicing. The module can be combined with the functions needed to run a service department optimally. Your service tasks are created automatically after a set hourly limit or period per machine. In this way, your service inspections and tasks are quickly accessible to the service manager or fitter.

 DSM TIME Time recording via scanner

With our Power App DSM TIME for time recording via mobile scanner, it is easy for the technicians to record time. It offers advantages in that the time registration in the system is always up to date and that the transfer of time registration to service orders takes place daily, even if the technicians are not in the workshop for several days.

Field Service Management

At JMA, we operate with 2 different solutions for Field Service Management. DSM Field Service Management and Reeft Field Service Management:


DSM Field Service Management is built on a Microsoft Dynamics Power App and constitutes an integrated solution for efficient planning of resources and handling of service tasks. The solution includes 2 Power Apps:


Which gives the foreman a handy tool for effective resource management and service planning. With an intuitive user interface, the solution provides a detailed overview of resources, service orders and time consumption.

From simple "click and click" functions to various display options such as week, day and list views, planning becomes simple and flexible. DSM Service Planner also contains important functions such as order creation and absence registration, which makes it an indispensable platform for effective resource and order management.


Tailored for the technician who is challenged by the dynamic nature of service tasks, whether they are in the office or on the road. The tool offers a comprehensive overview of service orders and simple addition of documentation on tasks. Consumed materials are easily registered and the technician also has an overview of stocks and where goods are located.

Field Service Management

reeft logo

The DSM branch solution is integrated with the Field Service Management system REEFTmobile ™. A mobile solution for planning and managing out-of-town service fitters. With an app for online order management on your mobile, you get control of timesheets, case management and invoicing. The order management app means that you have an overview of orders and tasks both from the office and out in the field with service managers, fitters and other mobile employees both online and offline.

Warranty and claims handling

Get control of warranty and complaint cases via the case overview in the warranty module. Here you can see what has been received in compensation for the individual cases.

Warranty follow-up is a tool for managing complaints. On each individual warranty type, it is indicated whether the type should be displayed in the warranty follow-up. Warranty follow-up can be used to indicate whether the complaint has been sent to the supplier and when a response from the supplier is expected.

If warranty follow-up is used, lists can be printed for follow-up. With warranty follow-up, it is possible to link the individual complaint and subsequent complaint compensation together. In addition, it is possible to print a report showing how large a proportion is reimbursed from the supplier.


Service contracts and contract economics

Handling different types of service contracts per machine.

Warranty & complaint rates on the individual machine can be controlled by hours, periods etc.

Gain insight into the individual service contract with hours and materials used in relation to the fixed price set on the service contract. It is thus easy to get an overview of earnings on service contracts.

service 500x300

Help your customers get an overview of machines to be serviced with DSM PLANNER

Using new technology and Power Apps, DSM provides access to data in a completely new and user-friendly way.


With a few clicks, you can communicate with the customer and call the machine in for service - either via e-mail, per phone or via WhatsApp
As a foreman or service planner, you can get an easy overview of which machines need to be serviced within the next period
Use service contracts or last service date from the machine map in DSM
Get a quick overview of which fitter has the capacity for the task in the new planner.


The customer can easily get an overview of his machines and service status via the customer portal
Here, customers also have access to view the status of orders and see the latest invoices

service contract

Update of service invoice

Automatically filled invoices according to agreement about over or under hours, fixed price, etc.

Invoices are automatically filled in with the information entered on the service contract or filled in on the service assignment. The same applies in connection with fixed price agreements.

Handling of service kits

Service kits can be set up to contain a specific set of spare parts and resources as well as standard times.

The content of the individual service kits can be varied per machine group, model and machine serial number. At the same time, standard texts can be created, so that you can facilitate the work of creating explanatory text on the service invoice for the customer.


  • Insight into service economics for the department
  • Key figures on profitability, hours spent, resources, contracts or goods
  • Digital reference work for service tasks, follow-up and journals
  • Service reports and tasks on the machine are stored digitally
  • Knowledge sharing and transfer from sales to the service department
  • Sharing information from sales to service creates better synergy between the departments. This means fewer errors and it saves time for the administration

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