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A wonderfull and creative workplace

Together we create shared success

... and protect the most important things we have - employees, colleagues and customers

This is what our employees say about JMA

  • Good colleagues with high spirits

  • Good team spirit

  • A workplace where you feel safe

  • Employee benefits and fun

  • Good customers

  • Flexibility in exciting work assignments

  • Diversity and freedom with responsibility

  • Good geographical location by the motorway

This makes us proud

  • Many of the employees in JMA have been employed with the company for many years and have an average employment time of just under 8 years.

  • Some of our employees have been "on a trip outside the company" for a period of time and have chosen to come back to a job at JMA.

  • We have room for diversity and see it as a strength that not two JMAs are alike. We are proud of the many different types of people who work together for common success.

  • We help each other and ensure that, even if life sometimes is challenging, we are always ready to help find solutions to any challenge that an employee may have.

  • We have a strong community with room for everyone and love spending time together. A work culture - also with space for the family. This is expressed through our many events, which are run by creative and enterprising colleagues.

  • We place great emphasis on creating the conditions that can motivate the individual employee to give their best and contribute with new ideas and products to our customers.

  • We strive that we do not work according to a culture of overtime. Instead, we work with a high degree of mutual flexibility, with room for family and privacy.

Trust, enthusiasm, responsibility and courage

It is important to us that we stick to the positive "work rules" that we work from every day. That is why we always focus on our values in TERC (Trust, Enthusiasm, Responsibility and Courage)

We are a mixed bunch, each with our differences, and you are therefore the perfect employee at JMA if you feel comfortable answering yes to most of the following statements:

  • You have a good sense of humor and preferably the slightly quirky kind
  • You have your own way and respect others
  • You are good at listening and understanding the needs of others
  • You want to learn new things and are good at it
  • You take responsibility and are proactive
  • You are not the type to complain, but instead you try to get the tasks done
  • You have a really good understanding of business
  • You come from or have knowledge of the machine industry
  • You want to work internationally
  • You are structured and results-oriented
  • You are flexible and prioritize to finish your projects/work

Great professionalism, latest technologies and trust in the collaboration

With JMA you will find some of the most ambitious talents within business consultancy, digital development environments in Microsoft BC and web technologies as well as technical competences within cyber security and managed services. We work every day to develop complex and ground-breaking software solutions for leading machine dealers.

We are strong in information technology and business understanding. We always focus on helping each other to succeed, and we take pride in staying up-to-date on the hottest technologies and creating room for professional development. We believe that we achieve success when we are all well and working together as a team, learning from our mistakes and celebrating our successes.

Our employees are the key to maintaining our success. There must therefore be room for training and for experimenting with new ideas/products for our customers and/or for internal use. We would like our employees to prioritize setting aside time to seek out new knowledge and inspiration from our business partners.

International environment in a sustainable and responsible future

Being the largest supplier in Northern Europe of digital business solutions and services to machine dealers, we are aware of the responsibility that comes with it. That is why we work purposefully and continuously to deliver tailored digital solutions that keep up with the future and that add value to our customers' business.

We aim to deliver digital solutions that help our customers run their business responsibly. Systems that help them to protect the climate and environment, and to positively influence their employees and business partners to run an economical and responsible business.

Together with customers and partners, we build industry solutions we can be proud of. Our employees' knowledge and expertise range widely and deeply, so that we can be our customers' safe and knowledgeable sparring partners. We look after our employees and ensure that they get the skills development they are looking for and which they can pass on to our customers. In this way, we create joint success and valuable future opportunities.

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