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DSM Services

We care about the good cooperation

A switch to DSM is a switch to an effective digital solution that optimizes current work processes in your company.

DSM can be tailored to suit your specific needs and can also be expanded with a large selection of add-ons and accessories.

Good cooperation, which we always attach great importance to in our dialogues with you, requires open communication. In this way, we can best find the right solution.

In addition, development and implementation of a new system involves a certain amount of resources and working time, so that the system matches your company as best as possible. Something we take into account at the start of the project and along the way. Based on previous experience and many years in the industry, we deliver a clear and well-thought-out project, as well as a solid system.

When the decision has been made and the choice has landed on DSM, we start a project in collaboration with you. We have many years of experience from the industry - more than 30 years - and thus know many subtleties in the machine trade industry. This of course means that you are always in safe hands and "heads".

Free Mini Analysis?

A mini-analysis is a unique opportunity to get a thorough assessment of your business and its digital development potential.

Our experienced team of sales consultants would like to have a dialogue with you about your current IT solution and the business-critical tasks that you carry out on a daily basis.

In cooperation with you, we will evaluate how we can help optimize your digital solution - DSM, can improve and lift your business.

We will review your current IT setup and check your solution in areas such as machine trade, storage, service and finance, and at the same time have a chat with you about your current work processes.

We will assess where the DSM solution can add more value to your business in the form of a saving in time or finances compared to your current setup.

Below we also offer our proposal for what a solution at JMA could look like if we consider that there could be a match.

Book in for a free mini-analysis and see what we can do for you and your business.

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