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Get an overview of your sales process

The sales module in DSM is equipped with a lot of functionality for the machine seller.

You can manage your entire sales process with the help of the built-in CRM system, where you can keep track of potential leads, customers and offers.

Via the built-in machine configurator, you can create a complete overview of costs and income on the individual machine right from the offer phase.

And you can customize your very own role center with an overview of machine orders, sales figures, leads, etc.

Optimizing your sales process

CRM system

With the specially designed CRM system in DSM, you have the opportunity to:


In the task section, you can choose what kind of task it should be. Here you can choose between a phone call and a meeting, and you can add a description to the task. Tasks can also be created from within the individual contact, leads or from the seller card. Tasks can be generated for a Team of employees.


In the contact directory, you can create profiles of the various contacts you have. For example, it can be contacts who have shown an interest in a certain type of machine. Profiles are used both to form an overview of a contact - but are also used in connection with target group selection, so that you can mass create leads - or to send newsletters to the target group.

The seller can access the system with mobile and tablet.


With target group selection, you can use this function to target your marketing to certain contacts based on certain criteria. Again, this could be based on, for example, interest in a certain type of machine. The marketing material can be sent as e-mail directly from the DSM system – alternatively, the target group can be read out and exported to other programs such as mailchimp or similar.

Sent emails can be tracked directly on the respective contact cards that have received the newsletters.


With leads (pipeline management) you have the opportunity to see which offers you have out, for which customers, the status of the offer, the offer description, contact number and the estimated value of the offer. Leads can also be set to specific sales offers and machine sales offers.

In addition, you also have the option of displaying all lists as diagrams that provide an overview of the individual salesperson's leads.

For example, filter on won/lost leads - see the reasons and which brand and machine model the sellers have lost/won against. This data can be output to Excel and, for example, sent directly to the machine manufacturers.

Machine configurator


With DSM's machine configurator, we have made it possible for the machine dealer to load configurations for machine sales offers - and orders, machine purchase orders and preparation orders.

But it is actually also possible to load equipment from other manufacturers, if these can be found in Excel format.

The function saves the operator a lot of time and minimizes the risk of incorrect entry. The configuration is read, via a CSV file, from the manufacturer's website (or from Excel templates) and loaded directly onto the specific machine model in the DSM system.

JMA offers the opportunity to build attractive offers: so that the dealer can choose a logo, images for the front of the offer - and with a specification of the configurations selected in the machine configurator.

The user can directly from machine sales offers and orders change the "type" from being a machine sales offer to being a rental offer or leasing offer. With the integration directly into the service contract and rental modules, you can adapt the offer to the customer's needs with a few clicks.

Calculation of selling prices

JMA also offers a machine calculator. With templates, you can easily take into account the differences in the calculations of the individual types of machines. With the built-in machine calculator, you don't have to maintain the Excel calculations that many dealers use today.

All the "corrections" that are made in the calculation can later be found in the budget of the machine economy (post-calculation), so that the dealer can compare the budget with what was realized.

If the dealer does not want the salespeople to have insight into the cost calculation of the machines, this can be controlled with rights.


Buying and selling chains


When, in connection with the exchange of machines, it is indicated which machine the used machine was exchanged for, the information can be used to show purchase and sales chains.

This allows you to see if the trade is profitable or if you have a money tie-up in the trade

Rental system


The rental module in DSM is a module where you can create orders for one or more rental machines for a customer.

One can do automatic invoicing, be it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and one can decide whether to continue or terminate the lease.


Via the "Planning" menu in DSM, you can get an overview of which machines are rented out, when, and which machines are available on a given date. You can quickly be informed of the total rental price for the individual machine and you can automatically print out an order confirmation and a delivery note for signature from the DSM system when the order is created.


You can also manually invoice a rental order, but also let the system generate invoices automatically with calculation of rental days, insurance etc. The system automatically invoices start-up amounts such as transport on the first invoice and final amounts such as transport, cleaning, service and fuel on the final invoice. A collection slip is then printed.

You can already decide when the order is created whether a service order should be created and a work card printed when the rental period ends. You can hire machines for further rental. You can follow up on income and expenses via various reports as well as by analysis via the Hire machine economy and Rental machine economy menu.

Webmachines logo hvid aqua baggrund

Web machines

With our advertising service Webmachines, you can centrally manage the advertising of machines on a large number of online portals from the DSM system.

Webmachines is thus your machine dealer service for optimizing online trade in new and used machines. With this, you can easily and efficiently manage your entire online sales process from a central location in DSM and thereby achieve significant time savings and improved data quality.

It is easy for the seller to work with DSM

Get a full overview of customers and offers

DSM is your tool for keeping track of all your leads, customers and offers.

You always have an overview of when you last visited or spoke with a customer. And you can register information on the individual contact.

You have an overview of offers that are out. And you can keep track of how many offers are close to becoming orders. All in one integrated system.

Get control of your machine sales right from the creation of the machine to the sale

Med den indbyggede maskinkonfigurator kan du oprette en maskine direkte fra din leverandørs hjemmeside. Det er hurtigt og nemt og giver dig mulighed for at få de korrekte oplysninger i DSM med det samme.

Således er du sikker på, at alle oplysninger på maskinen er registreret. Du kan bruge maskinkonfigurationen i dine tilbud - det være sig leasing eller rental - og når du får ordren i hus, har du allerede fundamentet for en faktura. Nemt og hurtigt!

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