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Online Customer Portal

Welcome to JMA's customer portal - your all-in-one solution to facilitate communication between you and your customers.

With our customer portal, you and your customers get easy access to orders, invoices and the creation of return orders around the clock, directly online.

Rights-managed customer portal

The customer portal provides your customers with detailed information about orders and invoices. They can easily and conveniently access the necessary information without having to contact your company directly. With our web-based self-service solution, your customers can also create return orders themselves, which gives them flexibility and ensures that the return handling process is fast and efficient. This means that your business is available to your customers anytime and anywhere.

One of the advantages of JMA's customer portal is that it is a rights-controlled solution. This means that you have full control over which functions the individual customer contact has access to. You can customize the portal exactly according to your customers' needs and ensure that they only see the relevant information and features.

You can manage the following functions in the customer portal:

  • Access to machine orders: Allow your customers to view and manage their machine orders directly through the customer portal.
  • Access to regular product orders: Let your customers easily follow and manage their product orders via the customer portal.
  • Access to invoices: Enable your customers to access and download invoices from the customer portal.
  • Access to machine invoices: Allow your customers to view and manage invoices related to machine orders.
  • Access to return orders: Give your customers the opportunity to view and manage return orders via the customer portal.
  • Access to creating return orders: Let your customers create return orders themselves and further streamline the process.

You can customize the design yourself

In addition to offering these practical features, our customer portal also gives you full freedom to customize the design. You can choose colors and add your own logo so that the portal reflects your corporate identity and creates a recognizable user experience for your customers.

Improve your customer service

JMA's customer portal is your key to improving the customer experience and streamlining collaboration with your customers.

Give your customers access to relevant information and features when they need it and create a more seamless and satisfying customer interaction.

Sign up for our customer portal today and experience the many benefits of having your customer information gathered in one place, available 24/7.


Make your business available 24/7 and give your customers the best online experience possible. Choose JMA's web solutions for DSM and experience the benefits of a fully integrated and efficient business solution.

Save time, save money and create satisfied customers with JMA!

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