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Dynamics 365 Business Central

DSM Dealer Service Management is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is Microsoft's answer to a complete business solution.

Business Central enables your company to connect people, processes and insights to make decisions faster. The system is equipped with embedded guidance, dashboards and is integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Business Central gives you the opportunity to get better control of stock, to deliver products on time and to adapt to changing business models across purchasing, production and storage.

Together with DSM, Business Central is an business-specific and future-proof dealer management solution for machine dealers with customized digital solutions that provide benefits and financial growth.


Adapt as your business grows

  • Work from anywhere with all functions on desktop PC, tablet or mobile
  • Eliminate organizational silos with one comprehensive solution that runs where you need it
  • Scale as you grow with modern technologies such as machine learning, IoT and mixed reality
  • Take control of your company data and protect it from unauthorized access
  • Get the system in 25 languages, localization and code-free UI changes and extend the solution using Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents

Financial insight and business insight

Make it easier to manage liquidity, bank reconciliations, fixed assets, budgeting and project costs, while getting shorter process times with better prediction of late payments Easily supports multiple currencies, exchange rates, consolidations, internal transactions and local tax rules Reduce closing times for months and years with associated financial data, accounts receivable, payable and fixed assets. Streamline approval workflows using Power Automate Use built-in reports, Excel or Microsoft Power BI Connect reports, charts and Power BI data across accounting, sales, procurement and inventory teams to gain accurate insights and make realistic financial decisions

Deliver exceptional customer service

  • Automatically register delivered items as service items and store the necessary details in one place so sales and service teams can respond quickly to inquiries
  • Offer full replacement or simple repair with parts and labor costs in one service order. Increase loyalty by providing spare equipment to customers waiting for service

Work smarter and faster

  • Access Business Intelligence when and where you need it, with real-time dashboards and KPIs for each user role
  • Improve results and productivity with real-time system suggestions based on historical data to guide employees through workflows
  • Link your business data with productivity tools such as Microsoft Outlook and Excel to improve customer and employee experiences

Speed up sales processes

  • Track all customer interactions and get guidance on the best upsell, crosssell and renewal opportunities throughout the sales cycle
  • Create flexible pricing and discount structures for individual customers and groups of customers

Optimize the supply chain

  • Replenish inventory based on actuals, demand, and availability using built-in intelligence, sales forecasts, and forecast inventory to automatically create purchase orders
  • Build better relationships with suppliers and convert the best offers into orders.
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external policies with process management and approvals.

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