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Integration to Webshop

Welcome to DSM Commerce - your ultimate solution for a fully integrated webshop that ensures your customers a first-class shopping experience using extensive data sharing and full synchronization with DSM.

With our advanced integration, you can easily and efficiently exchange a wide range of data directly from DSM to your webshop.

DSM data directly to the webshop

Our webshop goes beyond the standard features and allows your business to offer a wide range of advanced features available 24/7. With support for multiple languages and currencies, you can reach a global audience and drive international growth. You can upload images, product data, discount structures and much more for both new and existing goods and machines. And best of all, all changes are displayed in real time on your webshop.

A fantastic feature is the ability to create customers directly from DSM to the webshop. This saves time and reduces manual processes, as customer information is automatically synchronized between the systems.

If you want a more personal and exclusive experience for your customers, you can choose to require login to view products and prices. This allows you to build a dedicated community of customers and offer tailored offers and content.

Offers on configured machines and product catalogs with DSM Commerce

If your customers need further assistance, they can request a quote for a configured machine. This allows you to engage directly with potential customers, deliver tailored offers and increase your revenue.

Building your product catalog is a breeze with DSM Commerce. You can easily organize your goods and machines into user-defined categories or create different variants. This makes it easy for your customers to find exactly what they are looking for.


With DSM Commerce, your customers can also configure and order machines online. They can easily customize specifications and get instant pricing, making the buying process quick and hassle-free.

Quick basket function

For efficient maintenance and support, your customers can order spare parts via our "quick basket" function. They can also browse and search parts catalogs to find exactly what they need. And to ensure trouble-free operation, technical documentation and electrical diagrams can be easily downloaded from the webshop.

This is just a glimpse of what DSM Commerce can offer. With our extensive feature set and a user-friendly interface, we are dedicated to delivering a webshop that exceeds your expectations.

DSM Commerce is your future online business


Contact us now to get a tailored demo and discover how our integrated webshop solution can increase your turnover, improve the customer experience and optimize your operational processes. Do not hesitate to seize the chance to gain a competitive advantage and make your business a digital success with DSM Commerce!

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