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System Integrations with DSM

Connect your business systems through data integrations

With DSM you get access to the development of new systems and you can make use of both your own DSM data and data from external websites to enrich data on, for example, your own website or webshop. In this way, you can translate elements of a business strategy into concrete requirements for the integration of the systems in your business.

At JMA, we have extensive experience in developing new systems that are integrated with other systems and we focus on designing DSM so that it is easy to integrate with other systems. Thus, as a customer, you can choose between different methods for integration with external partners. We use, for example, web services, API data integrations, file transfers, EDI and OCR.

The more we use data for our digital solutions, the more we work sustainably and financially responsibly.

Data Integrations

It is important to be able to respond to new market demands with agility and innovation. The pace of digitization is increasing exponentially, which is why it is crucial to have a strong strategic partner who understands your business – JMA does.

With DSM you can exchange data with all kinds of web-based applications and you can make use of both your own DSM data and data from external websites to enrich data on, for example, your own website or webshop. Data is maintained from only one system - DSM.

Get your IT landscape to talk to each other and exchange data across systems, programs and applications completely automatically. We use an optimized web service that gives you better and faster options to export and import data.

DSM API Gateway is cloud-based

With DSM API Gateway, you get an integration solution that saves you time and eliminates incorrect entries between the systems. The API gateway enables seamless communication between your digital systems, your customers and the DSM platform. DSM API Gateway helps you in everyday life and allows you to focus on other tasks.

This means you don't have to worry about hardware, operation or uptime. JMA guarantees trouble-free operation and ensures automated scaling of hardware and multiple servers running simultaneously. You can be sure that your integration is always available and works optimally.

DSM API Gateway is a dynamic solution that is constantly being developed with new and exciting features. We are dedicated to delivering value to our customers and adapt the digital solutions to the specific needs of the industry.

Integration Solutions

Automatic Price and Product Updates

Do it smarter not harder!

It is a lot of work and it is time-consuming to maintain prices and goods in an ERP system. It is much easier to have that work automated. JMA can help with that.

Electronic Price Update is a subscription where we manage price files from suppliers and automatically update DSM with the latest prices.

Integration to Manufacturers

Is your business dependent on a close digital collaboration with your machine manufacturers? Do you experience challenges in delivering the right data to your suppliers?

JMA focuses on making integrations for various machine manufacturers more digital and more automated, so that you as a machine supplier save time and resources on providing data and information about your financial figures.

DSM HelpDesk

Get a complete overview of communication with customers.

Optimize your sales and customer support with Freescout Help Desk, which is fully integrated with your email platform and enables you to create, organize and track support tickets directly from your inbox.

Warranty and Claims

Welcome to our revolutionary web-based warranty solution! We are pleased to present our innovative warranty portal tailored to your business needs.

With our comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, we help you handle your warranty cases more efficiently than ever before.

Online Customer Portal

Welcome to JMA's customer portal - your all-in-one solution to facilitate communication between you and your customers.

With our customer portal, you and your customers get easy access to orders, invoices and the creation of return orders around the clock, directly online.

Integration to Webshop

Welcome to DSM Commerce - your ultimate solution for a fully integrated webshop that ensures your customers a first-class shopping experience using extensive data sharing and full synchronization with DSM.

With our advanced integration, you can easily and efficiently exchange a wide range of data directly from DSM to your webshop.

Interface Machines

Digital solutions for the sale of machines are an essential part of an IT system for machine dealers.

In the web service Webmachines, we have ensured that you can integrate your machine data directly from DSM to many external sales channels such as the machine magazine, tractorpool, mascus and more.

Your machines are automatically created, deleted and updated from DSM to the portals and back again to DSM when a machine is sold.

Interface Spare Parts

Via specially developed integrations, data on spare parts is automatically exchanged from the DSM system to the relevant web portal - depending on how it can be done technically.

You just need to maintain all data in one place - in DSM.

From suppliers, customers or other external sources, data that is necessary for the application in question can be retrieved.

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