JMA : Preferred IT Supplier for Machine Dealers

We are 100% focused on IT for machine trading


JMA : Preferred IT Supplier for Machine Dealers

We are 100% focused on IT for machine trading


About JMA and DSM

  • With more than 30 years of experience within IT for machine trading and based on our DSM business solution, JMA offers a total IT solution for your entire business.
  • Our DSM solution brings together all administrative processes within service, mounting, machine trade, finance and logistics in one unified IT system, which provides an overview and guarantee for the management of your company.
  • We continuously listen and develop DSM according to our customers' needs - that is 100% our focus.
  • DSM is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and can also be easily integrated with other Microsoft products or other online portals for the sale of spare parts and machines.

Get an overview of your machine trade with JMA DSM

Through the built-in machine configurator, you can obtain a machine configuration from the supplier already during the tender phase to your customer. You can automatically calculate prices through the electronic price update service. You can create a complete overview of the costs and revenue of each machine.

The preferred IT solution for machine dealers:

  • Total IT solution especially for machine dealers
  • Constant development for future needs in collaboration with machine dealers
  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
  • Used by more than 2000 users in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany
  • Handles Service, Finance, Logistics and Machine trade



Our Customers Say!

"As a daily internal supporter of our IT systems, I fully acknowledge JMA's professional, solution-oriented approach and understanding of our sometimes highly industry-specific issues in daily life.

I experience great cooperation about system adaptations, solution of various challenges and overall support.

All along with fast and efficient expedition as the focal point." 

Rune Fredenslund

Lyngfeldt A/S, Denmark

"Starting up a new financial system can be a huge challenge. But the whole conversion from our old system to the new DSM system went really fine and fast, and all our data was included in the new system. Throughout the process we got all the support we needed and no extra bills came up.

We greatly appreciate JMA's highly competent support. They know what we are talking about."  

Karin Glad

Jørn Glad A/S, Denmark

DSM - A complete solution for machinery dealers

The DSM (Dealer Service Management) system is an ERP system especially developed for the machine dealer sector.

DSM is a system built on top the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central version, which makes it easy to integrate with other Microsoft products.

The DSM system revolves around everything in your particular company, as the system contains smart features that help keep an overview of service, logistics, finance, purchase and sales. The system is designed to optimize the company's workflows and has proven to be able to double the efficiency of some companies.

The DSM system is used by machine dealers all over the world with more than 2000 users in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

The system allows your company to make close relationships with business partners and customers. The solution is future-proof and is continuously maintained by our skilled employees. In cooperation with machine dealers the system is constantly being developed.

Features in DSM

Within service, the DSM system deals with warranty management and service reports. There is also a planning system.

In the field of logistics, DSM has functions for calculating optimal storage, calculating obsolescence and a function for managing discounts.


The finance section of the system helps the management team having an overview of the financial figures within purchase, sales and service through the system's management reporting.

In the purchase/sale section, the DSM system makes it possible to get an overview of buying and selling chains as well as customers in the system's CRM system. It is also possible to configure machines through the system's machine configurator.

Options in DSM

DSM offers some optional modules for each system within each section of the machinery business. For example, in the field of purchase/sales, you may choose the function "internet portals", which makes it possible to use various portals. Another option in purchase/sales is the rental system, which makes it possible to keep track of leased machines and the economy on them.

In the field of logistics DSM has functions that make it possible to integrate with a webshop, to have automatic price updates and to register time. In addition, in the field of logistics, you can buy wireless scanners for scanning spare parts and a complete store solution that makes it possible to handle sales in the physical store.

In the service section there are functions that helps you keep an overview of service contracts, manage orders for service technicians and handle task planning.

In finance, it is possible to purchase functions such as electronic invoicing, extended management reporting, workflow OCR and Payment Management.

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