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Spare Parts Management

Do you want to optimize your inventory management with stock rotation and inventory service level? Would you like to be able to automatically manage max/min stock and thus bring large savings on stock binding and obsolescence?

The specially built module for spare parts management in DSM is adapted to the processes that our customers - machine suppliers - use every day in their business.

The system is completely unique for the business, but built on top of a standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which means that JMA can guarantee a future-proof digitized solution for all machine suppliers.

We guarantee that you achieve a more efficient inventory management and can thus minimize your inventory costs and earn more money.

Inventory optimization

Get your warehouse optimized in relation to time consumption, purchasing allocation, workflows and obsolescence. There are functions built into the DSM system to optimize the stock of the warehouse and at the same time make suggestions for what to purchase and when.

Get many advantages when you use the spare parts management system in DSM

  • Check product orders with cost-differentiated order points
  • Receive and place spare parts from purchase orders to warehouse, service and sales
  • Check items by stock turnover
  • Send orders and receive invoices directly to/from suppliers with our custom supplier integrations
  • Search for spare parts in internal locations, in service vehicles and external web portals
  • Minimize costs for ordering spare parts - minimize storage interest and reduce obsolescence
  • Get a special role center for warehouse staff, including e.g. service orders, sales orders and purchase orders
  • Keep track of your physical warehouse store with digital tools
  • Get control of spare parts consumption and inventory at the end of the year
  • Calculate and set targets for optimizing the inventory turnover rate

POWERAPPS KUNLOGO 2DSM SCAN - WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Optimize your work processes in the warehouse with the Power App DSM SCAN:

  • Goods can be scanned and all information is already registered upon receipt of the goods
  • Barcodes and labels are easily printed from the handheld device
  • The WMS system itself keeps track of where an item is located
  • Purchases/sales of spare parts are registered immediately in the system and withdrawn from the warehouse
  • Stock count is made easy and you can print a status of the stock at any time
  • Everything is registered and all figures can be extracted in order to create statistics on the turnover of goods and waste
  • You can easily and quickly keep track of your stock directly from your computer, mobile and tablet. In this way, you save both time and resources and you can react quickly to errors and deficiencies

Get Purchase Proposal for Spare Parts

Based on calculations regarding take-home costs, last sale date, purchase price, flow goods and more, the system can come up with a proposal for what you should keep in stock for the spare part in question. This is to meet the demand that has normally been on the item over the past 2, 3 or 5 years.

Make it easier to calculate Obsolescence

DSM can be set up to automatically calculate obsolescence on items in the warehouse and thus calculate obsolescence percentages on selected items. Out of stock can be a problem, as it ties up a lot of money on spare parts that are not sold and simply lose value in the warehouse.

Create Prices with Discount Matrix

It is possible to set up a discount matrix for customers and order types. This means that different discount prices can be set up for the same spare part depending on the type of order in question, such as an urgent, normal or special order.

Update Spare Parts Prices with Integration to Manufacturers

In collaboration with the industry's suppliers, JMA has developed over 40 integrations directly into the DSM system. We currently have integration for the following features:

  • Import of purchase orders
  • Inquiries about goods and stock at other retailers as well as order status
  • Exchange of spare part prices
  • Purchase disposition
  • Import of picklists
  • Reporting between dealer and supplier
  • Import of configuration on machines

The exchange of data takes place either via a manual upload or an automatic integration, which provides answers directly in the system. It depends on the supplier what is possible to develop.

Read more about the individual suppliers and our integration here.

Get Integration to Automatic Warehouses

JMA has extensive experience with integration for automatic warehouses and ensure that DSM automatically sends pick and put-to-stock lists to automatic warehouses from, among others, Kardex and Constructor.

Kardex ShuttleXP_graphic_front_open_002

Make the Prices of your Stock Items transparent with Labels

Printing of more than 30 different label sizes for shelf fronts and goods with and without barcodes.

Automate Digital Price Tags

With fully graphic electronic shelf fronts, you can change prices and offers in seconds – across your entire store. With the latest EPD display technology, the fully graphic shelf fronts can reduce glare and are visible close to 180°.

The electronic shelf fronts are high resolution, fully graphic and available in up to three colors to help you influence purchasing decisions at the shelf. They have the clearest and most consistent colors and images available and can also operate from -25°C to 30°C.

Low power consumption – up to 10 years of battery life (replaceable batteries for extended life).


The shop module makes work in the shop very fast and efficient. The solution is built on one or more checkout terminals consisting of a touch screen, a handheld scanner, an electronic cash register and a receipt printer. With the module you achieve

  • quick and easy registration of sales - both in cash and on account
  • direct printing of receipt
  • make deposits and withdrawals via the till with direct printing of the receipt
  • make a cash settlement at the end of the day

Buy and Sell Spare Parts on Webparts

Buy and sell spare parts directly from the DSM system. On the marketplace you can put your outdated spare parts for sale.

Here you can also buy spare parts directly from the DSM system at very favorable prices. And you are guaranteed that the goods are in order, as the marketplace is only for professional machine dealers.

The Daily Work with Storage and Logistics


The module contains a lot of integrated tools to automate processes such as inventory management, shipping and tracking. This helps to save time for the department and eliminate the manual workflows that are in the warehouse.


Get increased customer satisfaction and highten your service level via real-time data. The warehouse department  will have greater opportunities to advise customers either on the phone or in the store. They have the option of advicing the customers immediately or ordering the item for stock. 


The module provides real-time insight into inventory, shipments and other data, which gives management a better understanding of work processes and the department overall.


Automated processes, better visualization and greater customer satisfaction all help to reduce the costs associated with running the department and the business. The overall direction for the warehouse module is to reduce time spent on manual work by streamlining processes and optimizing the workflows that take the most time in everyday life

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