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Employee portrait: Christina Dahl Schmidt

Christina Dahl Schmidt employee at JMA

”JMA, Christina here”

From the fast-paced life on the tour bus to the reception at JMA, Christina found something she never thought would be part of her working life before - structure

Christina is probably best described as a colorful butterfly. A crazy analogy in this context, but nevertheless I choose to use that one.

She is smiling, happy, exuberant and full of life; all wearing a colorful outfit matching her personality.

As exuberant and full of life as our colorful butterfly can be, I would also like to take you up close and show you the shades of gray she also contains. As Christina herself says: "I've also just been through some things that have hurt my life".

"JMA, Christina here"

If you have called JMA, you certainly know who Christina is. You may not be able to put a face to her, but you know that warm voice that is always ready to pass on a message or offer a listening ear.

A phrase that most people have heard by now.

A phrase that is characteristic of who Christina is and her role in the company.

If you ask Christina what her job is and consists of, the answer is that she is a receptionist and, most importantly, service minded. It is to a large extent equivalent to what the JMA had in terms of expectations for her position in particular.

Christina had some big shoes to fill when she took up the position of receptionist at JMA in September '21. The previous incumbent, Ulla, had left deep traces in the hearts of the employees, which is why the farewell was not easy either.

Nevertheless, Christina has approached the challenge with a "straight-forward" attitude and, in her relatively short time in the house, won the hearts of colleagues, customers and business partners.


The colleagues are the driving force in her work, and one of the main reasons why she loves coming to work every day. "Everyone is just a bit quirky", she says with a smile on her face and alludes to the diversity she deals with on a daily basis.

"That's what's fun about going to work, after all. You talk to someone who is not very good at opening up, whom you catch at the right moment and then they tell you. And then there are the others who talk as much as I do, and then the art is to keep your mouth shut".

Completely private does not exist

Like the colorful butterfly that flies away, Christina does the same in private.

She is always up to 117 things. Whether it is filling her weekends with work with friends and acquaintances, walks or concerts, she is a woman with many balls in the air.

Balls she enjoys juggling at the same time as being a mother to 3 children aged 8-17.

However, she also dreams of a life with a more private approach to life. "Completely private does not exist", as she so nicely points out herself, and that is exactly what she secretly wants to change a little.

"I can be super boring"

If we get up close and personal with life at home, Christina is very surprising. "I can be super boring, like really boring", she says.

A statement that surprises most people.

Her guilty pleasure is an evening on the sofa and as she best describes it herself: "nightwear, cheese pops and a good action film with some tju bang in it". By the way, you prefer to eat cheese pops alone, as they smell quite a lot.

And if she moves out of her nightwear, she loves a good bargain. Whether it's a flea market or a peddler's market, "Krämmer-Lis" is on hand - ready to negotiate the best deals. Because "you never pay full price", as she says it herself.

A bad loser

Christina comes from a family with a fondness for sports – basketball in particular.

Therefore, it probably comes as no surprise that she can be temperamental at times and a bit of a bad loser: "I don't go on the court to lose. If someone has knocked me down on a football pitch, I won't stop until I've knocked her down twice".

Fortunately for JMA, Christina leaves the poor loser at home when she comes to work each day – for one specific reason:

"JMA is an embracing and spacious workplace"

"It's okay to speak your mind, then you can help each other in a different way than if you keep quiet" and precisely that experience at the workplace has made everyday life easier.

Personally, Christina is not fond of numbers, despite the fact that she gets through quite a few during a working day. Therefore, it is also particularly rewarding that she has colleagues who can complement her in this way, and she them if they have tasks outside their comfort zone.

All part of being at a workplace like JMA.

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