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Employee portrait: Flemming Lilleør, Consultant


From having to lead the processes to the target in his previous job into advising customers in the same situation and with the very same problems he previously knew about, has been a rewarding change.

If you meet Flemming, you have no doubt that he knows his stuff. He takes on complex tasks on a daily basis and makes them easily understandable in his advisory function as a consultant. Something he himself has appreciated in his previous work, where he was on the same side of the desk as many of the customers he meets daily now.

The fact that he himself has faced the same problems in the past gives him a clear advantage if you ask him: "It is much easier to talk through the challenges with the customers. I myself have had some of the same problems that our customers are facing, and know the challenges you face when implementing "new" measures. The reason is that for many years I have been on the other side of the desk".

"Some are easier and some are more difficult", he says, and that, combined with the understanding of both DSM, but also the customer's problems, makes his daily life more rewarding.

"It is important to me that the customers are in focus and have a good time"

But what does a consultant actually do?

Flemming explains very accurately that his job consists of being out with the customers, showing them functions in the system, helping them to make their system work better and at the same time advising them on what the system can do and where they can possibly improve some business procedures and processes in the company.

A comprehensive job if you ask me.

Flemming has a different opinion, however, and approaches the task with a certain humility and humorous approach to customer visits.

"It's important to me that the customers are in focus and feel good. That's what it's all about when we're out with the customer – and then it's all about having fun with them. They shouldn't feel, that we come and fuss or do something else. They must have time for us and we must also have time for them".

Something the customers also appreciate. His mantra is to "take the time to do it" when he is out with the customers.

Sometimes you get into deep water

In reality, Flemming is convinced that everyone who has the desire should come/be with the customers, as it gives a better understanding of our customers' business. Most often it gives an understanding of why the customer can "only" do things in one particular way.

However, you should expect to be able to get into deep water when meeting with customers: "There are definitely some questions out there that you cannot immediately answer. It is important that you do not feel embarrassed or uncertain about it. Just remember that you have good colleagues in the hinterland who are ready to help you.

The customers like that they are moving forward - if they feel that they are moving forward, they contact us more".

And that is, in fact, what the consultant's job is all about.

Contact with customers.

But even though it can be fun to go to work, it can also be just as necessary to enjoy your free time.

An okay racing bike

In private, Flemming describes himself as quiet, calm and incredibly helpful when others need it. However, he can also be completely self-centered if you remove everything - work, family, leisure. And even if some days at work can result in hours on the road, the road is also where he prefers to spend his free time.

His guilty pleasure is jumping on the racing bike - an okay one of the kind, if you ask him, and cycling quietly out on the country road. Enjoy nature.

"It's great to get out and switch off the brain in the Danish nature", he says. However, he doesn't cycle alone: "We don't cycle to cycle fast - and in principle not to cycle far either. We cycle to have fun and talk about the ups and downs of everyday life".

"I will hope to be able to retire earlier"

At the age of 50, Flemming has given some thought to retirement.

Most of all because I asked about his dreams for that sweet retirement.

Very inspiringly, he says: "If you have to work until you are 70, then you have 10 years to enjoy life, while the others have had 20-25 years".

That is why he also dreams of retiring early, enjoying life in good health and having the opportunity to go on longer trips. At least longer than the trips the bike takes him on.

But he's not in a hurry.

If you would like to get to know him better, you are more than welcome to connect with Flemming.

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