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Employee portrait: Stine S. Lauritzen

Medarbejder JMA Stine S. Lauritzen

Stine: "I love participating in a sparring process with customers"

From saying what she wanted to now guiding on what can be done, the switch from the fashion industry to the world of ERP has given Stine something she loves - sparring with customers.

At first glance, Stine seems very outgoing and social. She is too, but if you dive under her skin, you will experience a side of her that she hides quite well on a daily basis. She doesn't feel very comfortable sharing personally about herself - not even for this interview.

However, she throws herself into it, and we are therefore sitting here today, gathered around an interview about today's hero in sky sauce - Stine.

Stine has her daily routine in the consulting department, where she is both on projects, operational tasks and customer visits to both new and existing customers.

"The best thing about my work is the dialogue with the customers"
Especially the customer visits and immersing oneself in processes drive her in her work as a consultant: "The best part of my work is being in dialogue with the customers. See the solutions I propose become reality, and actually make a difference for them."

For working as a consultant, to a large extent, involves the ability to communicate complex topics to customers on a daily basis. Something Stine masters. She herself says that she helps design processes, advise customers on the best solution, and most importantly listen to their problems and what they may have in their daily lives.

A task she takes very seriously.

"I love being part of the sparring process with the customers, where they bring their expert knowledge about their business processes and how that knowledge meets our system." A system so complex that it is also difficult for her to explain it to her friends back home in North Jutland.

Impractical but far too complex

Despite her very low practical examples about her work, Stine has not yet mastered explaining what she actually does every day. "It is difficult to explain, if you do not have knowledge of ERP or work in the ERP world, what exactly it entails."

Most people in the industry can probably nod in recognition of that.

Explanations such as "you can move some buttons in a system" to "when you are at the workshop with your car and receive an invoice, it is a system that spits out that invoice" have both been tried, so Stine's job will, for now, be a mystery to those around her.

"How to always be with people"

Stine has two things in particular that she appreciates in her spare time.

That being seen with people around and playing handball.

Some will probably ask how you can always be with people, and to that Stine has replied: "I'm probably just the type who likes to be with people."

Nevertheless, she is enriched with plenty of plans, and enjoys participating in "anything possible" when work is not calling.

A cork

On the pitch, Stine finds great peace in having the overview. Something she also does to a large extent in her work. "I don't feel so good if I don't have the overview, so I always work to have the overview, because that's where I find peace."

Something that stems from her perfectionist character traits.

She describes herself as a huge perfectionist and therefore has to tell herself: "that there are some things I can't do more about and some I can. Otherwise I will keep telling myself that I can always do more.”

Therefore, it is not unnatural that she has previously been compared to a cork.

A compliment in its best form if you look deeper into the statement.

Just as the cork always dives down and comes up again, Stine does the same with challenges. "Once I get knocked back, I do a lot to try to get back up. It's about getting back on the horse."

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