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New reference story from N.C. Nielsen

N. C. Nielsen administration

We are proud to present the following reference story about our collaboration and project management of the process in cooperation with Carsten Bach Pedersen, IT and Finance Manager at N.C. Nielsen.

”Exemplary cooperation”

In spring 2018, N.C. Nielsen A/S started with a new ERP system, supplied by JMA A/S. The process and dialogue up to, underway and after has been exemplary, says the feedback from the Danish machine supplier


“A streamlined, flexible and efficient ERP system that connects our wide range of processes is a core ingredient in the recipe for our many years of success and growth.”

So it sounds from Carsten Bach Pedersen, IT and Finance Manager at N.C. Nielsen, the largest Danish supplier of machinery for internal transport, ranging from warehouses to production halls.

”We want to be at the forefront when it comes to digital solutions,” explains Carsten Bach Pedersen, stating that the choice of ERP system is one of the company’s most important strategic decisions.

A qualified dialogue

”When we chose to implement JMA’s DSM system, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we were very careful to find the most convincing solution.

Our first step was to review our entire business processes in order to specify wishes and needs. Then we explored the market, and by 2015 we chose to continue working with JMA.”

Carsten Bach Pedersen explains that it was the extremely qualified dialogue with JMA that con-firmed the company that JMA would and could develop a solution that, based on a standard solution, suited just N.C. Nielsen:

”JMA’s deep insight into our business has been crucial to the good dialogue and process. We have found that this deep insight applies to JMA developers, supporters and managers, and it is a feature we rarely see with ERP solution providers. At the same time, it is a industry-specific standard solution, which many other machine dealers also run. In this way the future development of the system is shared between many users and companies.” 

A finely ground product

N.C. Nielsen’s products count machines such as forklifts, terminal tractors and special machinery.All machines are configured to suit the specificcustomer needs. Everything from functionality and service agreements to funding forms are individually consolidated.

”A machine from N.C. Nielsen is a finely ground product with many add ons. Crucial to the quality is that we use the same ERP system in all processes in the company. This means not only in the logistics part but also in the case of debtors and creditors. Just as there is a connection between sales, orders and credit rating.”

From offer to delivery

It was on 1. February 2018 that the company implemented the new DSM system, and now the individual sub-processes in the companyare connected finely.

”Today, we have one system where everything is registered and where all parts in the process are working together, “ says Carsten Bach Pedersen and explains: ”When a machine is sold, we now take the starting point in the individual machine and in the sales order. Even when we make a quotation the DSM system is used.”

A service agreement will be attached to the machine and a financing form will be linked. If there is another shipping address, it is also mentioned. The DSM system makes it possible to gather all information in one system.

JMA extends far

During the process of implementing the DSM project, there has been a daily contact between JMA and N.C. Nielsen. There have been physical meetings, telephone meetings and communication through various forums and project management tools.

”JMA has expanded unusually far to get the DSM system tailored to our needs. The organization has worked unusually for us. There has been a unique dialogue and exemplary collaboration,” says Carsten Bach Pedersen, IT and Finance Manager at N.C. Nielsen.

Knots are over

It has now been a while since the new DSM has been applied to N.C. Nielsen, and the inevitable conversion and deployment knots are long over.

”However, digital development never stops,“ says Carsten Bach Pedersen. ”We will continue to focus on streamlining processes and IT sys-tems. Work will be done on further refinement and adaptation of calculation and configuration,as well as a number of add-ons, such as a travelbilling system, which JMA also delivers.”

”Today we have 1 system where everything is registered and where all parts of the process are playing together,” says Carsten Bach Pedersen, IT and Economics Manager at N.C. Nielsen.


  • N.C. Nielsen A/S is the largest Danish supplier of forklifts, terminals and special machines.
  • Sold primarily in Denmark, but also exports to Norway and Sweden, among others.
  • Customers range from a wide range of freightmen and ports to larger and smaller industrial companies.
  • Employ more than 225 employees.

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