DSM hosting

By hosting your DSM solution in JMA's data center, you get a unique and special service because we have expertise in both DSM and hosting. DSM is the lifeblood of your business, and we have deep insight into installation, integration and hosting. Our technical supporters and operational experts know your business and hosting with JMA is easy and safe.



Hosted Microsoft Dynamics Business Central og DSM

Virtual servers ensure that you always have the necessary capacity for database, storage and exchange of data between you and your suppliers via our highly secured hosting center. We host data from DSM and ensure secure exchange of data to other services within the business - including manufacturer interfaces, integrations to machine portals and spare parts portals as well as integrations to your own web pages.

Our experienced and specially trained operating experts are your guarantee of professional and safe operation, so you don't have to think about monitoring, maintenance and upgrading, adjustments, servers and storage.

JMA ensures that you can access the popular programs in the Microsoft Office suite and provides access to integration with the Microsoft Office programs, directly from the DSM system. 

JMA provides "Hosted Microsoft Exchange - via Microsoft 365", from which you can access your emails and your calendar regardless of where you are. Can be expanded with Sharepoint from Microsoft 365. Learn more.

JMA provides hosting for JetReports, a management reporting tool from which you can access specially designed reports with data extracted directly from the DSM system. 


Data center with high security and uptime

Our data center is built on standard solutions from the market's best manufacturers. All elements in the data center are owned by JMA itself. Thus, we are completely in control and without influence from other company solutions and are solely dependent on fully redundant internet connections to be operational.

2 independent internet connections and encrypted communication

To ensure our customers' access to their data in our data center, we have 2 independent internet connections. All communication to the data center is of course encrypted to achieve maximum security. 

Special security procedure and SAN with high built-in fault tolerance

All virtual machines are housed in a Hyper-V Cluster, which means, among other things, that should errors occur, the systems themselves will try to rebuild the lost server or service. One of the most important elements in the hosting environment is the SQL server, which has just been clustered. The database itself is located on a SAN. Our SAN has high built-in fault tolerance and consists of high performance disks. All systems are modular, and it is thus easy to expand the capacity in line with the customers' needs.

There is only access to the server rooms with a special key and a personal code. Only very few technicians have access to this. In addition, a special procedure must be observed when entering and staying in the server rooms.

Monitoring of the physical environment in the data center

Monitoring of temperature, humidity and current has been established in the server room. Server rooms are equipped with fire extinguishing systems, which are activated in the event of a fire. The system works by having "sniffers" in the room that pick up smoke particles in the room. If smoke particles are produced, fire extinguishing is activated, and at the same time an alarm goes out to the alarm center, which is dispatched.

Cooling system that ensures a constant temperature

Cooling system that ensures a constant temperature of 20 degrees Celsius

Air conditioning in the server rooms ensures a constant temperature all year round. The facility is regularly inspected to prevent downtime. The facility is monitored and an SMS is sent if problems arise.

Emergency power supplies

Transient-protected switchboards have been established in the data centre, which protect against external overloads - for example lightning strikes. The power supply itself is secured by APC-UPS emergency power units, from which the operation is constantly carried out at the same time as the battery capacity is constantly being charged. If city power disappears from the grid for more than 60 seconds, our own generator system starts up automatically and continues charging batteries on the APC UPSs. There is diesel for a minimum of 12 hours of operation in the data center.

Regular backup and backup of all data and systems

To ensure that data can be recreated accurately and in a timely manner, accounting data and other customer data as well as system objects such as printers and user accounts are backed up daily. In addition to normal recovery of deleted files, a periodic check of the usefulness of the backup is performed.

JMA follows the 3-2-1 rule. This means that we have at least three copies of customer data: the original production data and two backup copies. We use at least two different types of media to store copies of your data - on local disk system and in the cloud.

JMA has a long-term retention policy, which stores backups for long periods of time. Full backups are made daily for the last 14 days, a weekly backup for the last 4 weeks and monthly for the last 12 months (60 months for customer data).

JMA performs restore tests every 3-6 months. Meaning that it is tested that the backup can be recreated.


Secure hosting

Cyber security and quality management system

Protecting your data is a high priority at JMA, and security and protection against cyber threats is an integral part of our data center. In response to the ever-growing cyber threats, we continuously implement new security measures to ensure that we can guarantee our customers the best security.

For us, cyber security is much more than technology. Our quality management system is defined based on the overall goal of delivering stable and secure IT operations to customers. In order to do so, it is necessary that we have policies and procedures in place that ensure that our deliveries are consistent and transparent. This work is done on the basis of ISO27001/2 and is checked by external auditors expressed in an ISAE3402 audit statement.



With professional and quality-conscious employees, we advise our customers with solutions that reach all the way around the IT infrastructure. We have certified skills that can help you set up a secure, well-run and dynamic IT infrastructure.

  • We advise on solutions for the best IT operation for your business and help set up hardware and networks.
  • Advice on setup, network and security
  • Sales and implementation of Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions
  • Technical support and service
  • Sales of hardware, software and accessories
  • Hosting solutions


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