Task planning - plan your tasks ahead

The Task Planner gives you the possibllity to run your periodic activities automatically at specific times



  • data runs can be implemented outside working hours and will not reduce response times in the system during the day
  • data runs can be implemented automatically on a specific date and time
  • data runs can be planned with repeated frequency
  • possibility to run heavy data runs during the night such as:
    • collect billing
    • calculate plan (procurement proposals)
    • mass posting of purchase orders
    • inventory control
  • information on data runs can be registered in a log so that you may check up on the data runs


The task planner

  • Update analysis items
  • Collect supplies for sale invoice
  • Delete invoiced sales orders
  • Collect billing of purchase orders
  • Delete invoiced purchase orders
  • Cost price regulation
  • Data run - posting service orders
  • Create electronic invoices
  • Create electronic credit notes
  • Print DSM Service - invoice FIK752
  • Print DSM Service – invoice
  • Print DSM Stock Value List
  • Print balance list for machine value
  • Print list with work in progress
  • Print list with sales prices on work in progress
  • Print list with cost prices on work in progress
  • Edit global dimensions on journal entries
  • Calculate Plans (Reorders)
  • Maskinbladet Model Import
  • Maskinbladet Model Export
  • Import sales orders
  • Task Plans Recurring Journals
  • Delete invoiced purchase orders
  • Transfer of data to mobile
  • Realization of charge
  • Create an inventory item per location


Johnny Krogh

CEO, Sales

Telephone: +45 5156 5103

E-mail: jok@jma.dk