Price Update Service

Electronic price update is a subscription where we handle price files from suppliers and automatically update the DSM system with the latest prices.

JMA has agreements with more than 120 suppliers for redistributing price lists to the DSM system. Some vendors require users to be accepted as recipients, other suppliers make the price files available without approval.

JMA makes sure to adjust price files and loading routines before the prices are sent to customers.

JMA loads the price files so that they are ready for loading into catalog items and makes them ready for updating the catalog.

The subscription ensures users are always billed at the right prices - and relieves users of the very large task of managing prices from so many vendors.


Please contact JMA (telephone +45 8711 0000) to know which suppliers we have entered into an agreement with. Or contribute with your knowledge of a supplier that has not yet entered into an agreement.


Johnny Krogh

CEO, Sales

Telephone: +45 5156 5103