With a webshop solution from JMA, you can be sure that your business is open 24 hours a day. 

We provide a webshop solution that integrates information from the DSM system to the store and back to the DSM system. We ensure that the information is updated based on a planned routine of your choice and that the orders are available from the store to DSM immediately. We also ensure that customer data is synchronized.

Our webshop solution consists of a Magento webshop with design, payment solution, technical setup, training and integration to the DSM system. In this way, you only need to maintain data and prices in one system.

It is important that the shop is well-designed and user-friendly so customers can easily and quickly find your products.


The webshop can be configured for different purposes. You can choose one or more options for the webshop, and all options are fully integrated with the DSM system:

  • B2B login allows the customer to see discounts and prices that apply to product groups / suppliers
  • Customers can order items by loading up a CSV file extracted from their own business system to the web portal
  • Handling of complaints - your subcontractor can report complaints on the web portal and send them directly to the DSM system. On the portal, customers can see the status of new, ongoing and completed complaints
  • Warranty Management for new machines - when your dealer supplies a machine, the dealer can report the purchase details via the web portal
  • Your subcontractor can view the service status of his/her own machines