Warehouse shop solution

The add-on module for warehouse shops is a solution that makes dispatching of primary store sales quick and efficient. The solution is built around one or more box terminals consisting of a touch screen, a hand scanner, an electronic cash drawer (box) and a bonus printer.




  • quick and simple registration of sales - both in cash and on account
  • print of receipt
  • make payments and deposits from the cashier with print of receipts
  • make cash statements from single sale terminals


What to do?

  • open up the sale terminal in the morning and you are ready for sale
  • scan the goods that your customer wants to buy
  • the total order amount is updated and is displayed continuously
  • you enter the amount - either in cash, by Dankort, by check or by foreign currency - and the exchange money is shown
  • print the receipt (or print an invoice if requested)
  • the cash statement is made - the system calculates the cash - counting can be done per currency unit


Johnny Krogh

CEO, Sales

Telephone: +45 5156 5103

E-mail: jok@jma.dk