web-parts.com is an international spare parts locator for primarily agricultural machines and construction equipment. web-parts.com is fully integrated with your DSM System.

On web-parts.com you may trade your spare parts to/from the entire world. Online trade is easy as web-parts.com handles everything regarding shipping, language barriers, currency, payment etc.

All you have to do is to join web-parts.com, upload your spare parts details to the shop and wait for customers to buy them. Or go to the webpage, search for a spare part, buy it and wait for it to arrive at the door step a couple of days later.

Nice and easy!

There are high demands for an international spare parts locator from machinery dealers all over the world. It makes good sense that dealers can make large savings from trading spare parts from other dealers' stocks. But also end users may have advantages from trading spare parts on an international database and this is exactly what web-parts.com offers.

Web-parts.com makes it possible for you to increase your turnover on spare parts - also the obsolete ones. So join us today rather than tomorrow!