DSM Consultants

JMA is an experienced business partner with close relationships with both suppliers and industry associations. We have worked in the industry for many years - since 1990 - and we are a partner who knows the industry from within and we know our customers' daily routines.

Our consultants have a basic knowledge of the industry and they are therefore very good at advising and teaching the use of our software for the benefit of customers' business processes. At JMA, we believe that in-depth knowledge of the industry is the key to best advising our customers. Therefore, our consultants are very keen on combining their knowledge in the industry with the knowledge of our software. In this way they become a good sparring partner for your customers.

Managing a business optimally requires constant focus on development and optimization of resources. It can be hard to focus on that when workdays run quickly. Therefore, JMAs business consultants can help you along the way and provide you with tools that make it easier.


This is how we do

Before launching a new project, we would like to give you an overview of your processes and workflows. Therefore, we often start the process by challenging your business activities in relation to the company's strategy. We then help customize the activities so that they match the strategy that has been added. There may be areas where we believe that your business can reduce its costs or optimize its earnings. Or we are familiar with processes that can help optimize your business processes.

The consultant's task is to understand and meet customer needs so that we can offer customers the best solution. At the same time, it is necessary that we provide the customer with the right amount of advice and sparring, so that the customer can feel safe.


The consultant's job consists primarily of:

  • Covering customer requirements and presentation of JMA Solutions
  • Workshop with the client about processes and workflows when setting up DSM
  • Description and documentation of any further development or adaptation of the individual DSM solution
  • Test and documentation of the DSM solution
  • Education, sparring and counseling when commissioning customer solutions
  • Ongoing preparation of manuals and documentation

Consultants spend a lot of their time interacting with customers and responding to the challenges that arise. There is always room for changing our plans should acute issues arise with a customer. It gives the consultant great satisfaction to ensure that the customer's working day becomes easier and more efficient. We know how demanding some solutions can be and therefore it's good to know that with our solutions we can solve some of the irritations and challenges facing our customers.

Consultants like to start new big projects. Being part of the process from start to finish gives them a good insight into the company's processes, which help strengthen the consultant's own development while at the same time assuring the customer.

Consultants are invited to continuous competence development, which highlights the updating of competencies in the latest versions of the standard program and new modules. JMA employees place emphasis on acquiring new knowledge and keeping up-to-date with the latest modules in Microsoft products. It is important that we are well-dressed to service our customers with the latest technologies and business development opportunities.


Benefits for our customers

  • Partner up with an IT-partner with business understanding and who can see the solution to your business-critical challenges and needs
  • A partner who can deliver total solutions based on your business needs
  • Competent business consultants with industry insights that help you achieve your goals in a successful way
  • A partner that helps optimize current business processes. What changes can you implement in your organization and how can your work be organized in a more advantageous manner? This in line with the business's compliance with future needs and constant changes in the market
  • Counseling in structural and organizational changes that may cause new needs for software solutions. Our consultants can advise on which software solution best suits your future needs
  • All our business consultants have a form of specialized knowledge within each of the special modules we offer.

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