Wireless scanner and wireless extended hand scanner, pda

Wireless hand scanners and barcodes

The function is to apply products to sales orders and service orders as well as to count warehouse stocks.

Data is stored on the wireless hand scanner and is transferred to your DSM-system whenever the scanner is put into the docking  station.



  • carry along a cordless mobile and portable device at all locations
  • scan products for sales orders
  • scan products for service orders
  • external count of products and their location
  • data is transferred to a draft when the scanner is placed into the docking station. From here data is easily transferred to sales orders, service orders or warehouse inventory lists


PDA wireless scanner and barcodes

Possibility to apply products to sales orders and service orders, make price spreads, print barcode labels, count warehouse stocks etc.



  • the PDA is a mobile and portable working device to carry along at all locations
  • create sales orders, scan products, adjust orders and print invoices directly
  • scan products to service orders
  • external count on products and their location
  • different lookups i.e. finding prices
  • create barcodes on products and print new labels

This solution is based on a wireless connection to your system.


Comparison between the scanners

Wireless scanning of goods  ✔  ✔
  • sales orders
  • service orders
  • service kit for service orders
  • counting of stock
  •  ✔
  •  ✔
  • v
  •  ✔
  •  ✔
  •  ✔
  •  ✔
  •  ✔
Transfer of scanned good via docking  ✔  
Online connection to DSM system    ✔
Create sales orders    ✔
Put on stock    ✔
Pick from stock    ✔
Scan for purchase    ✔
Lookup on prices    ✔
Print invoice    ✔
Create new barcodes on goods    ✔
Print labels    ✔
Print shelf labels    ✔
Check if barcodes are in the system    ✔
Credit check on customers    ✔
No connection to PC necessary    ✔
Uses 1 Microsoft user license    ✔

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