Pöttinger Integrations


Transfer of purchase order to Pöttinger

Transfer a purchase order directly from the DSM system to Pöttinger via upload of file to online portal. 


Spare Parts Prices

Import of spare parts prices on Pöttinger parts directly to catalog items in DSM.


Picklists via Pöttinger PÖTPRO

When a machine is going to be serviced, you can via Pöttinger PÖTPRO get a picking list with the goods to be used for the repair in question. In Pöttinger PÖTPRO you choose the desired spare parts online, after which they are sent to a server and loaded into the DSM system. The items are loaded via a CSV file in a draft in DSM and then run into a service or sales order.


Machine Configurator

With the DSM machine configurator, you can configure machine sale orders - machine purchase orders and provisioning orders.

The configuration is read out (via a CSV file) from the Pöttinger website and loaded directly onto the specific machine model in the DSM system. Hereby, the lines on the quotes and orders are not to be entered manually and the machine's subsequent calculation can be followed closely via the machine economy directly in the DSM system.

The machine dealer can also automatically calculate the sales prices of the equipment via JMA's electronic price update service. And it is of course also possible to enter the sales prices manually.

Along with the machine calculation, the individual dealer gets an accurate and value-creating sales tool, which creates a complete overview of costs and revenues on the individual machines. Completely from quotation and long after the machine has left the warehouse!

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