KRAMP Integrations


Spare Parts Prices

Import of spare parts prices for KRAMP parts directly to catalog items in DSM.

Parts Lookup

The functionality makes it possible to make lookups, for example from "Item Search" in DSM on the current product directly to KRAMP's online portal

Transfer of purchase order directly from DSM to KRAMP and receipt of invoice from KRAMP

Purchase orders are transferred directly from the DSM system to KRAMP, which automatically sends an invoice back to the DSM system.

Differences between purchase order and invoice are matched before loading to DSM, where unregistered item numbers can be created through catalog items. 

KRAMP - KOS (KRAMP Online Services) - direct delivery

If you already have access to automatic transfer of purchase order and receipt of invoice from the KRAMP integration you can now also expand with the KOS functionality.

The end customer (for example a farmer) can order directly on KRAMP's webshop. A sales invoice is automatically created in the retailer's DSM system with the prices that the end customer has seen on KRAMP's webshop. This way prices are updated automatically in the DSM system.

The end customer, when creating a user account on KRAMP's online webshop, chooses which retailer he wants to shop with. In this way, the dealer is automatically assigned an order via the system.

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