DSM Dealer Service Management

Planning Overview

DSM's planning system allows you to allocate tasks to its employees. This could e.g. be allocating a service order to a particular installer and looking ahead to see which fitters are available. This system also helps give the engineer a good and clear snapshot of which installers are on which tasks.

If you look at the picture below, you can see that on the left side you have an overview of which service types are there and during this an overview of their employees. The service order types consist of warranty, preparation, parking, service and re-allocation. The top of the planning system shows a timeline over the day.

Time Recording

For those who use time registration, it is also possible to retrieve information from the time registration journal. Here you can, for example. also see which fitters or service staff have been on which service orders, how long they have used and on which machine service has been performed.