DSM Dealer Service Management

Warranty & Claims

Setting up Warranty and Claims

Warranty follow-up is a tool for managing claims. On each type of warranty, it is stated whether the type should be shown in the warranty follow-up.

Warranty follow-up can be used to indicate whether the claim has been sent to the supplier and when a response from the supplier is expected. Lists can be printed for follow-up and it is possible to link the individual complaint and subsequent claim compensation together. It is possible to print a report showing the proportion of the refunded part from the supplier.

Before using a warranty, warranty types must be created, and a bookkeeping setup must be made for posting the share of the revenue that constitutes the warranty.

Attachments can also be made to the customer, which show what the repair has cost and how much of the repair the customer will have to pay.

Service Orders

When a service order is created, the warranty is activated automatically if the machine has a warranty type code and the machine is still under warranty. It is possible to create a warranty type code, which, for example, gives a 100% warranty on respectively parts and wages, but this is limited by a certain number of hours driven - for instance 1 year warranty, however a maximum of 300 hours.

Lines of spare parts, resources and costs are entered. All the created lines are automatically marked as warranty. It is possible to select lines that are not covered by the warranty and to be paid by the customer by marking the field "Exclude warranty" on the line.

In the warranty follow-up you have different filtering options. For example, you can filter the status depending on whether the case is pending, sent, started or completed. One can also filter by which document type the project has, whether it is an offer, an order, an invoice order or a credit note.