DSM Dealer Service Management

CRM System

The CRM system within DSM

  • Create tasks
  • Create a customer directory
  • Create leads (Pipeline Management)
  • Save interaction and log entries
  • Segmentation

In the task section you can choose tasks such as phone calls and meetings. You can add a description to the task, plan a meeting, set the date, start time and end time and then send the task to Outlook so you can get a reminder X time prior to your meeting.

In addition it is also possible to create repetition tasks, for example tasks to be done on a recurring basis. Tasks can also be created from within the individual contact, leads or from the seller card.

Contact Book

You can create profiles on the various contacts you have in the contact directory. You can assign different values ​​to the customer, for example the number of employees, turnover figures or what type of machines they have bought. Based on this, you can set up profile questionnaires to use for segmentation issues.

In addition to this, all correspondence between you and the customer is stored in interaction log records and then linked to the specific contact.


With target segmentation, you can target your marketing to specific contacts based on criteria from your profile questionnaires. Again, this could be based on for example turnover or machine types.

Leads (pipeline management)

With leads (pipeline management) you have the opportunity to see which quotations you have sent to which customers, the status of the quotation and the description, contact number and the estimated value. Leads can also be linked up to specific quotations and machine sale orders.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to view all lists as diagrams that give an overview of the sales leads.