JMA A/S,  9. December 2019


As part of our fulfillment of the agreement between you as a customer and / or user and JMA A/S, VAT number 26 18 33 67, we collect personal information about you.


Below we describe how JMA A/S handles your personal data.

Many of the personal data that JMA collects is contact information that we have to register in order to support our customers.


What personal information is collected

We register your regular contact information when you or your employer concludes an agreement with us. It is primarily data such as name, telephone and mobile number, e-mail and job title.

The personal data we collect is used to identify you as a customer and / or user and provide the services you are entitled to under the agreement. The personal data is stored in our Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, which is used to handle a lot of the routines needed to meet the new GDPR requirements. Microsoft Dynamics NAV prioritises IT security and Microsoft has committed to following GDPR.

Security measures are continuously monitored to determine whether our processing of personal data is handled properly and taking into account your rights as a customer and / or user.


How long do we keep personal data

How long we keep personal data depends on how long your agreement with us is running.

When you purchase a product or service with us, we need your personal data as documentation until the delivered item or service is delivered and paid and any withdrawal period has expired.

During the ongoing agreement, the information we have collected about you as a customer and / or user is filed in our IT system. In the event of termination of the agreement, your personal data will, as a rule, be retained by us for a period of 5 years from the end of the accounting year to which the material relates. For example, if the agreement has expired in May 2017, we are obliged to keep the data until the end of June 2022, as applicable, as of the end of June 30th. When personal data is no longer relevant and we are not required to keep it, all personal data about you as a customer and / or user will be deleted.


What do we use personal data for

The personal data we collect about you as a customer and / or user in the performance of our agreement is primarily used for general customer management, including for example the performance of the agreement, delivery of goods and / or services, support, and the transmission of invoice. Besides we use e-mails for information about new releases and generel news regarding new features in software, training, seminars etc.

The information will not, in principle, be disclosed to third parties. However, your regular contact information may be disclosed to our collaborators if we need their help in fulfilling the agreement.

Other disclosure is permitted only if, in exceptional circumstances, applicable law allows the disclosure of personal data.


Changes in the processing of personal data

We reserve the right to store and modify these data protection guidelines. Any changes to the guidelines will be marked with the date of the latest update of the guidelines. These guidelines are evaluated and, if necessary, updated once a year.

In case of significant changes in the performance of our agreement, we will notify you in the form of an addition to our agreement.


We are currently working on a new customer web portal for our existing customers, where they can edit their own personal data, access projects and sign up / unsubscribe from newsletters. You will receive instant notification when the portal is ready.


If you wish to complain about our processing of your personal data, this may happen to:

Borgergade 28
DK-51300 København K
Telephone: +45 33 19 32 00
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.