How to work at JMA

Our employees say!

JMA focuses on running a company where the entire staff has the trustworthy spirit that characterizes JMA's relationships with customers as well as internally among our employees.

The vast majority of employees have been with JMA for a long time and overall, JMA's employees have an average seniority of 10 years, which we are proud of.

We have a strong community where everyone helps everyone. If you have a problem that you can not cope with, there is always one of your colleagues who will help you. We have set up special offices where there is room for groups to solve a single task on a cross-sectional basis. And there is great support from management that employees work in teams to solve the "difficult" tasks.


Christina Dahl Schmidt from the Management Team:


"I started at JMA as a receptionist in September 2021, and as a newcomer it is always difficult to find your place, but colleagues and customers have been incredibly welcoming and helpful, so you quickly settle in at JMA.

Helping each other and accepting each other's differences is part of the company culture.

Unity, teamwork and a good mood mean everything to me in a workplace, and this is fulfilled in JMA."


JMA's main resource is the employees

JMA's permanent staff is divided into different teams - Sales & Markeing, Consultancy, Support, Administration and Development. We place great emphasis on creating the conditions that can motivate the individual employee to do their best and contribute new ideas and products to our customers.

We are convinced that motivated employees create the best results. And we believe that motivation is created by our employees having a sense of "making a difference" with the work they do. At the same time, they are satisfied with adapting to challenges in a varied everyday life.



For example DSM consultant - Peder C. Levring says:

"I work with JMA as a consultant and I advise our customers on a daily basis around features in the DSM system. I help our customers optimize their workflows and routines so that they can see how DSM may provide value for them and their business.

I have been employed with JMA for 10 years. I have never experienced such a cohesion and loyalty to one's workplace in any of my previous positions as I have experienced in JMA. I look forward to meeting in the office every morning and look forward to the exciting and varied work that the day brings."



Arne E. Christenen, Sales:

"It is exciting for me to work for JMA because I work with IT. Technology is constantly evolving, so it's always fun to work with. In addition, I learn a lot from my colleagues and we have a good working relationship. It also motivates me to introduce products and features for our customers, so that they can optimize their daily workflows. "




 Rasmus S. Madsen, Product Manager:

"At JMA there is plenty of opportunity to find the right shelf. And if your shelf is not yet found, JMA and its employees are helpful in providing you with the right tools so that you can build your shelf yourself.

On a daily basis, I sit in a newly created Product Manager role, where I balance user experience, technology and business needs, so that my team can develop products and services that create value for JMA, its employees and our customers on an international level.

To succeed in my role, it requires not only a dedicated and skilled team, but also support and sparring across the organisation. That's why I'm very honored to have both at JMA."


JMA has its very own "culture" where we act based on JMA values

  • We aim to ensure that we do not work beyond hours. We work with a high degree of mutual flexibility where there is room for family and privacy.
  • Our technicians, supporters and consultants are our most important resource and we want to take care of them. We prioritize that they take a brake when needed. It is important to gain new energy.
  • There is room for education and experimentation with new ideas or products for our customers or for internal use. Therefore, we would like our employees to prioritize time to seek new knowledge.
  • We have permanent job stations, as it is safe and cozy for the individual employee to "feel at home". But there is also ample opportunity to move around with a computer to another office in collaboration with colleagues from other teams to solve a common task. We are good at working across teams to solve our tasks with different perspectives and competencies.

Good and positive working culture in JMA

It is important for us to stick to the positive "working rules" that we work from everyday. And you are therefore the perfect employee at JMA, if you are good at answering yes to most of the following statements:

  • You have a lot of humor
  • You have your own way of life and respect others
  • You are good at listening and understanding the needs of others
  • You want to learn new and are good at it
  • You take responsibility and is proactive
  • You are not the type that make constant complaints, but instead you try to solve the tasks
  • You have a very good business understanding
  • You have practical experience with Dynamics NAV
  • You come from or have knowledge of the machinery industry
  • You want to work internationally
  • You are structured and result-oriented
  • You finish your projects

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