Cooperation with external web hosting provider

JMA A/S collaborates with external web hosting providers with state-of-the-art data centers that enable high-quality hosting and outsourcing solutions.

We guarantee an average operation time of 99.95%, which can be waived due to minor operational disturbances and forced downtime due to updates and the like.

All scheduled system work will most often be performed at night or when it is estimated to cause least disadvantage to the customers.


Data center

The data center's physical location provides a number of unique benefits. The servers are located in an area with safe distance to other buildings, elevated over both the water level and the ground level, and insulated so that floods, flue gases from fire in nearby buildings or extinguishing waters can not affect operation.

Fire protection protects the data center via a "sniffer" system that ensures rapid alarm and activation of an inverter in case of fire.



The servers are constantly upgraded with the latest and fastest hardware in close collaboration with Dell and Cisco, delivering most of the server and network equipment.

The data center is connected to 2 x 10 Gbit fiber connections - one for TDC and the other for Telia. Since TDC and Telia each use a seperat fiber ring, the entire route is redundant - which means that wherever your chain causes problems, your coughed solution will continue to work without problems.