If your IT systems do not perform optimally it may cause major challenges. But it may also have an influence on the costs and resources that are used for maintenance and updating of the IT infrastructure.

Therefore it is often a good idea to outsource the maintenance of your IT operations which helps you to plan economy and focus on your core business - running a machinery business.

JMA A/S helps you get an optimum service and security on your IT solutions by means of optimized software for server monitoring. 

With professional and quality conscious employees we support our customers with solutions that cover the entire IT infrastructure. We have certified competences that help you set up a secure, well-managed and dynamic IT infrastructure.

We advise on solutions best suited for your business and help you set up hardware and network. 



  • Counseling on set-up, network and security
  • Sale and implementation of Microsoft server solutions
  • Technical support and service
  • Sale of hardware, software and accessories
  • Hosting solutions