More and more customers choose to outsource their IT operations to JMA. This means that the company's servers and programmes are placed in our ISAE 3402 certified hosting center rather than inside the company itself. Some customers choose this solution in order to escape the "hassle" but many do it because it makes good sense in terms of economy, flexibility and security. 

We run a professional data center where security and uptime are always in focus. The data center is protected against fire, water damage and unwelcome guests. If a power failure should occur it will automatically switch to standby power supply and in cases of extreme emergency our two diesel emergency generators will start automatically.

JMA's specialized technicians monitor the server rooms around the clock and adhere to a strict security procedure for access to the rooms. We have run a professional datacenter since 2010.

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Hosted Microsoft Dynamics NAV® DSM solution

We make sure that there is always enough capacity for database storage and exchange of data between you and your suppliers via our highly secure hosting center. We host data from the DSM system and allow secure exchange of data with other services in the industry, for instance supplier integrations and "".

Hosted Microsoft Office

JMA ensure that you can access the most popular applications in the Microsoft Office suite and we provide access to integrations with Microsoft Office programs directly from the DSM system.

Hosted Exchange E-mail and shared calendar

JMA provides "Hosted Microsoft Exchange - via Office 365", from which you can access your mail and your calendar no matter where you are. Expandable with SharePoint from Office 365. Read more

Hosted JetReports - Flexible reporting solution

JMA provides hosting of JetReports, a management reporting tool, in which you can access customized reports with data directly extracted from JMA DSM system.

A hosted solution with JMA gives you, among other ...

Operation and maintenance of own servers, including maintenance, updates, backup, emergency and safety. A flexible solution - for both the IT manager and employees.


Server room with secure hosting and operation


Constant and secure internet connection to the data center

2 independent internet connections and encrypted communications

To ensure our customers' access to their data in our hosting center we have two independent internet connections. All communication to the hosting center is of course encrypted in order to achieve maximum safety.


Monitoring and access control

Special security procedure and SAN with high built-in fault tolerance

All virtual machines are placed in a Hyper-V Cluster which means that in case of any problems the systems will attempt to rebuild the lost server or service. One of the main features in our hosting environment is the SQL Server, which is precisely the cluster. The database resides on a SAN. Our SAN has a high built-in fault tolerance and comprises of high-performance disks. All systems are modular and can be expanded in capacity in line with customer needs.

The server rooms can only be accessed with a special key and a personal code. Only very few technicians have access to it. In addition special procedures must be followed by the entry and stay in the server rooms.


Water, moisture and smoke detectors



Refrigeration equipment which ensures a constant temperature

Refrigeration equipment which ensures a constant temperature of 20 degrees Celsius

Air conditioning in server rooms ensures a constant temperature year round. The plant is inspected regularly to avoid downtime. The plant is monitored and an sms is sent if a problem occurs.


Emergency generators

Uninterruptible power supplies

Uninterruptible power supplies in the form of UPS (Uninterruptible Supply) protect against power surges and short power outages. During extended power outages our emergency generators start automatically. There is a generator in each of our two server rooms. The server rooms are located with the largest possible distance.


Automated backup system

Regular backups of all data and systems


Multiple backup systems are making regular backups of all data and systems. The backups are closely monitored. Errors are immediately reported to the technical staff. Backups have no value if no data can be recovered. Therefore "restore tests" are made regularly to ensure the quality of the backup.