If you have decided to invest in a new ERP system, it will not only be about just switching to a new IT system - it's also very much about people. Whether it's a business with few or many employees, it will affect the entire organization.

Seen in perspective to new trends in sharing economy, CO2 neutrality and limitation of resource consumption. How will farmers finance their machines and run their agriculture in the future? Do they want to share machines, rent machines on a short-term basis or do they prefer to own their own machines?

Is it a while since you changed your ERP system, and have you started to notice more and more problems in the system that you can not handle properly any more?

In spring 2018 N.C. Nielsen A/S started up with the new ERP system supplied by JMA A/S.

We are proud to present the following reference story about our collaboration and project management of the process.